From initial survey and advice, through to design and installation, we provide a complete service for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Our services

Comprehensive services for optimum solutions

From Survey to Design, Specification to Installation, our comprehensive services allow our clients to work with us to assess their requirements and deliver optimum solutions.

Our Process

Passive fire protection systems

Our process evaluates a building’s existing fire safety measures. Based on the survey findings, experts select a comprehensive design, specifying the necessary fire-resistant materials and installation methods. This ensures compliance with safety standards maintaining a building’s ability to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, safeguarding lives and property.
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    Initial Engagement

    Offering solutions to best approach and provide pricing for survey, design, specification and installations.

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    Site Compartmentation Survey

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    Survey Report & Quotation

  4. 4

    Installation of Passive Fire Protection Systems

  5. 5

    Installation Report & 3rd Party Certification

Our Solutions

Innovations to keep you and your assets safe

We have access to a wide range of specialist passive fire protection products, supplied only by trusted, recognised suppliers. From intumescent coatings and cavity barriers to fire doors and dampers, everything we use is tested to BS and EN standards.

Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is a key part of our passive fire protection services. Our team will meticulously inspect building compartments, joints, pipes, and ducts to ensure they meet stringent fire safety standards taking into account essential factors such as acoustic ratings and thermal properties, contributing to a comprehensive passive fire protection system.

Fire Doors

In both residential and commercial buildings, effective fire doors play a vital role in passive fire protection and compartmentation. Beyond safeguarding essential escape routes, these doors provide occupants with vital protection against the rapid spread of smoke and fire. Despite their significance in fire protection, fire doors are often misused, underscoring the importance of regular maintenance and periodic inspections.

Cavity Barriers

When a fire occurs, gaps between walls and floors can lead to the phenomenon of ‘air buoyancy,’ which arises from variations in air temperature and facilitates the swift movement of smoke and flames across compartment walls and floors. To counter this risk, cavity barriers, constructed from fire-resistant or intumescent materials serve as a highly effective smoke control solution.


A primary concern during a fire is the dissemination of smoke and harmful gases which can render escape routes ineffective. Compartmentation plays a critical role in addressing this issue, restricting airflow between doors, rooms, and roof spaces to control smoke spread and safeguard occupants so they can safely leave the building.

Ductwork & Dampers

Heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems often cross through fire barriers to provide services throughout the building. This makes them a perfect conduit for fire and smoke. Fire dampers are placed within ductwork and ceiling cavities and in the event of a fire, they close automatically, effectively suppressing the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building.

Intumescent Solutions

Intumescent coatings play a crucial role in bolstering the fire resistance of steel structures. This involves applying a protective layer of intumescent paint to the structural steel, effectively prolonging the building’s ability to endure high temperatures.

Our values

We are cost effective, flexible and responsive, without ever compromising on standards

Our team possesses a wealth of technical expertise and hands-on experience gained over many years, working across diverse project sites. We combine this with a commitment to develop our knowledge alongside evolving technologies and materials to consistently deliver the best products and services.


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